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Usui/Karuna Reiki Treatments & Usui Reiki Courses in London

Reiki Healing Sessions



   A Reiki healing session will last at least 1 hour  Cost £70


   Some concessions are available - please enquire 

I channel Karuna and Usui Reiki.  You remain fully clothed and you can either lie on a comfortable massage table or sit on a chair.   Many people seem to drift into a very dreamy state and some even fall asleep and this is fine because it is a very relaxing experience.   

Reiki can be very good if you are stressed or dealing with difficult life situations.  It can help to alleviate the side-effects of chemotherapy drugs and it can also help to give you more energy to heal yourself.   

You can, of course, book a one-off appointment but it is generally best to book a series of reiki healing sessions so that you really gain the advantage of repeated treatments. 

Reiki is not a religion, nor is it aligned to any religion and therefore anyone can enjoy the benefits of receiving Reiki healing energy and learning Reiki.


Usui Reiki Courses

Usui Reiki First Degree 125.00 inc. Manual -  One day 1pm to 6.30pm

Usui Reiki Second Degree 160 inc. Manual - One Day  1pm to 6.30pm                                                    

Usui Reiki Master Course 400.00  inc. Manual, 2 CDs & DVD  Two Day Course from 1pm to 6.30pm. 



Reiki First Degree and Reiki Second Degree Students receive a comprehensive Manual and Certificate.


Reiki Master Course Students receive a comprehensive Manual, 2 CDs, DVD and Certificate.


Students receive their Manuals (and CD's for the Master Course) at least 2 weeks prior to their course.  This enables students to read and digest the information so that on the day of the course, we can concentrate on practical energy exercises, meditations, attunements, etc.  This pre-course study will take about a day and a half.  This is why the actual course is fairly short ~ about 5hrs including l/2 hr lunch.  However, by the end of the day you will feel totally satisfied and you will be completely and beautifully attuned to the reiki energies. 

If you are like my previous students, you will be floating out of here and excited about the many possibilities that this will open up for you ~  rushing home to give a treatment to your family, friends, pets, plants ~ incorporating the daily energy meditations into your life to strengthen your connection to Reiki and to bring peace into your life ~  to send distant healing to a friend in need ~ there are so many possibilities and you will feel empowered to help yourself and others with this amazing Reiki energy.

We learn the original Japanese techniques as well as Western Reiki techniques.and I use the resources of  Reiki-Evolution. 

There is an Facebook Discussion Group that all students can join.  

Please see the Calendar Page for Course dates.  If you require another date please ask since extra courses can be included. 


Hypnotherapy and Emotional Freedom Technique

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Appointments last an hour.  (sometimes longer).

I offer a Free Initial Consultation if you would like to first discuss anything with me and decide what type of therapy is best for you.   This can be done on the phone, via email or in person.

I charge £85.00 per appointment.     Some concessions are available - please inquire.




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