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Reiki means spiritually guided universal life-force energy.  It is the energy which is all around us, which is the aura around all living things and this energy is available to everyone. 

Reiki can really relax and rejuvenate you.  If you are feeling stressed and out of sorts, Reiki can provide the boost you need.   Come along for a relaxing treatment.  It takes about 1 hour and you lie on a comfortable massage couch fully clothed while I channel healing for your highest good.  

Because Reiki is a spiritually guided healing energy, you will always be given what you need.  I cannot say what that will be but just believe me when i say that reiki energy will give you exactly what you need at the time. 

I have found that using Reiki has brought me many wonderful benefits and changes in my life.  It has given me confidence to do things that I would have been unable to do before.  It has enhanced my life in so many ways and it can do this for you too.  


Reiki healing sessions last 1 hour.   Please email me for further information and to book an appointment.


Call 07793743493

or email me at  heartandspiritreiki@hotmail.co.uk






My name is Sally Beautista and I am a Karuna/Usui Reiki Master Healer and Teacher, Hypnotherapist and EFT Practitioner.

I run Usui Reiki Courses.  These are mainly one-to-one and small group courses.  I provide a Manual, CD and/or DVD and a Certificate for your course.

When a Reiki Master passes on the Reiki ability to the student it is simply a process of reminding the student of the connection they had but have forgotten. A series of simple empowerments are performed to re-introduce the student to the healing energies of Reiki

I encourage my students to pick up the Manual and CD prior to the Course date and to leave a small deposit.  This allows us to spend the time doing practical healing, meditations, and treatments on the day of the course.  You can also pay a deposit via Paypal on this site and I will send you the items prior to your course date. 

(This course includes about 1 and l/2 days of pre-course study and therefore is equivalent to a 2 and l/2 day course.)

Students have the resource of being able to join an Internet Discussion Group and find out about, among other things, Reiki Share Groups, Reiki Swops and the opportunity to discuss matters with others.

Using Reiki can help you to meditate.   I can provide students with a wonderful CD of Reiki Meditations by Taggart King.  These meditations help to concentrate your mind giving you easy to use short meditations for self healing,  distant healing,  symbol meditations and the Japanese Hatsu Rei Ho daily energy meditation. 

Reiki is easy to learn and no previous experience or knowledge is required

You don't even need to 'believe' as it will work anyway once you are attuned to Reiki.    Anyone can use Reiki both for self healing and to channel for others.  


 I hope that you will come to meet me and decide to

start your Reiki journey with me.

I promise I will do my very best to make your Reiki experience a wonderful one and provide you with all the materials and encouragement to continue on your way.  


Whether you want to use Reiki for self healing and for treating your family and friends


you want to be a

Reiki Master and/or Practitioner