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Reiki and 'Huntingdons Disease'

Posted by Sally Beautista on September 18, 2012 at 6:05 PM

I wanted to write about a woman I have been seeing regularly to give reiki treatments.  When I first met her in December 2011 she was in a very low state of health.  I gave her a short healing session but she had to go to bed before the end of that session and I left feeling as though I had let her down.  However, a couple of months later, her daughter rang me and said that her mother had derived many benefits from that treatment and would I go back to see her.

I began seeing her weekly and the improvements to her health are extraordinary. These days she is ready and waiting for me with a big smile on her face and looking so much better.  She has transformed from a woman who was constantly shaking, had very little balance, her speech was very slurred, she had difficulty sleeping, was in pain and had virtually no energy. 

Now her whole demeanour has changed.  She has virtually no shakes ~ she said that the pain went away about 1 month ago during a session ~ her speech is very easy to understand, she is sleeping well most nights and her energy has improved.  She now enjoys walking out to the market and spends some weekends with her children and their families.

When I give her reiki I concentrate firstly on her head and neck area.  I usually start around the neck and move upwards to treat each area on the head.  I then spend time on the throat and move down the body to emcompass all areas down to the feet.  I keep one hand on the neck and top of spine as much as possible as this area is greatly affected by the shaking that accompanies Huntingdons Disease.  I have also found a lot of energy around her solar plexus and spend quite a lot of time there as well ~ using psychic surgery to pull out heavy energies that have been stuck in there.  I use Usui and Karuna (Registered) Reiki and also use affirmations when my hands are on her forehead and back of head.  During these sessions she has spontaneously had spiritual visions and revelations and has also had many emotional releases.

She said to me a couple of weeks ago that she can even imagine healing from Huntingdons Disease.  Whilst we reiki healers cannot ever guarantee any particular results from reiki healing, I was able to say to her that I believe anything is possible and that if she believes in miracles ~ so do I  <3  sally


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