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Hypnosis and Weight Control

Posted by Sally Beautista on March 17, 2012 at 11:35 AM Comments comments (0)

I have been working with the gastric band hypnosis sessions now for a while now and I am seeing great results so far.  There is a special offer of £397 instead of the usual £495 for the complete gastric band hypnosis course.  This normally comprises 4 sessions, including the actual gastric band hypnosis operation, but I offer an extra session so that any other issues can be addressed up to 3 months after the gastric band hypnosis operation.  That's 5 sessions for the discounted price of 4!

Clients who come for this have a BMI of 25 and over.  If your BMI is under 25 and you want to reduce your weight, a course of weight management hypnotherapy is available which includes all the same elements of the gastric band hypnosis course without the 'operation'.   Since everyone is an individual,  we can assess your needs and the sessions can be tailored especially for you.

I have made some great CDs including  Weight Control, Gastric Band Hypnosis Operation, Enjoy Exercise, Metabolism Boost,  Appetite Suppressor, Circle of Excellence,  Ego Strengthener, The Path (Changing unhealthy eating habits)   Reinforcement (of The Path), Stomach Shrinker.

These hypnosis recordings will enable you to change your relationship with food so that you are drawn to eating healthy nutritious food, eating smaller amounts, stopping eating when full and chewing your food for a much longer time than previously.  These CDs will give you the confidence and self belief that may have been missing before and the drive to attain your goals.  Whatever your personal issue is with food, exercise, self esteem, confidence, emptiness etc., it can be addressed during the sessions as each session is tailormade for the individual requirements of the client.

Clients are encouraged to drink plenty of water and to alkalise their bodies by adding half a lemon to their water 3 x day. This course does not encourage diets. However, usually a huge shift is needed in order for clients to lose excess weight. Certain types of foods need to be mostly eradicated from the diet. For instance, white processed flour, white rice, white pasta can be replaced by wholegrain varieties. Since many people these days have a wheat allergy, it is also useful to stop eating wheat products for at least 14 days to see if you feel much better for it. Therefore, I suggest that you try other varieties of bread and pasta such as Rye and Spelt.

Well that's all for now.  Let me know if you want any information and I will post more on here soon.

Whatever your goals .... I wish you complete success!

Sally Beautista D.Hyp., MAPHP., CNHC.





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